Oliver: 10 Months Old!

How can my baby be 10 months old already? He’s so big and independent, it’s a wonder he still needs me at all! Well, he can’t walk, so he still needs me to take him to the pool 😉


Eats: Formula and table food. His favorite foods are apples (like his daddy), ravioli and cheddar bunnies, and his least favorite is broccoli.

Sleeps: 11-12 hours a night with a 1 1/2 hour nap during the day if we’re lucky. He doesn’t like to miss any of the action!

Favorite activity: Swimming in the pool! He wants to swim on his own and is pretty good at kicking with his floaties on. Coming in at a close second is feeding Sophie his food, although he really just likes her licking his hand.

Least favorite activity: Getting strapped into his car seat. He doesn’t like to be restrained, but once the car starts moving he is happy.

Words: He only says “dada” for everything, but I’m hoping for a “mama” soon!

Starting to: Pull himself up onto his knees. He’ll be standing in no time!


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