Let’s Explore VA: Great Falls Park

This weekend was hot, hot, hot! So we decided it would be best to do any outdoor activities in the morning (plus, lets be honest, we’re all up by 6am). Friday we had decided to invest in an Osprey child carrier so we could hike with Oliver more easily. I knew my hubby would want to take it for a test drive, so we drove to Great Falls Park.

Great Falls is a National Park in Mclean, VA. The park offers hiking, kayaking, biking, horse trails, rock climbing, picnic areas, and several waterfall overlooks. There are lots of dogs and children on the trails and enjoying the picnic areas.

It is very popular on the weekends, but when we arrived around 10am it was just getting crowded. We were able to find a good parking spot and get on the River Trail pretty quickly. The trail doesn’t have a lot of elevation change, but there is quite a bit of climbing over rock, which made our dog, Sophie, a little nervous.

Hiking along the river was a lot of fun. We got to see some people kayaking, lots of rock climbers, and lots of dog buddies Sophie said hello to. Oliver was so excited he fell asleep, but mom and dad were on board with that.

On our way out it was 90 degrees and the line to get into the park was a half-mile long, so I’m glad we took advantage of our sweet Saturday morning wake-up call and got out early!


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