Oliver: 11 months old



Eats: Formula/milk and table food. His favorite foods are fruit, cheerios, and anything in a squeeze packet, and his #1 least favorite is green beans. I have to pick out all the green beans or he throws them on the floor and even Sophie won’t eat them.

Sleeps: 11 hours a night with a 1-2 hour nap during the day. Our boy likes to be snuggled for a bit before he falls asleep, but once he’s out, there is no waking him.

Favorite activity: Bouncing/rolling his ball to himself or someone else. He also enjoys being carried by mama or dada and pointing at things.

Least favorite activity: Still hates getting strapped into his car seat and coming in at a close second is getting his diaper changed. It’s a full contact sport trying to do either of these without a distraction.

Words: He mostly says “dada” for everything, but he’s starting to make some more sounds, and I swear he said “mama” yesterday. He’s also starting to do some signing like “more” (and “dad” of course).

Starting to: Stand on his own. He pulls himself up everywhere and sometimes stands unassisted without realizing it.



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