24 hours in Bangkok



I just returned from a short solo trip to Bangkok to check on baby girl. It was a trip consisting of a lot of firsts for me. My first solo trip to a new country. My first time in a kingdom. And, my first time in a country that drives on the left side of the road. It was an interesting experience, even though I was only in Bangkok for 24 hours.

I wasn’t able to do a lot of exploring because of the short duration of my trip, my desire to relax, and having my luggage with me.The entire country is in mourning since King Bhumibol Adulyadej died less than three weeks ago, and will continue a year long mourning period. Everywhere I went there was black and white bunting lining the streets, as well as memorials to the late king. It seemed like a bad time to be a tourist pulling a rolling suitcase through the temples, camera in hand. I will return with the family for a longer trip at some point and do more sightseeing then.

However, I was able to get some great food and walk around the city a bit. The night I arrived I found a great seafood place that had delicious shrimp pad thai and spring rolls, along with fresh coconut juice. I did make a fatal mistake though, in not bringing any entertainment for my solo meal. I won’t go to dinner alone again without a book in hand. The rest of the evening consisted of reading by the pool and relaxing as much as possible while pregnant. I would have loved to get a massage, but pregnancy makes me weary of massages with all the pressure points, so I passed until next time.

I didn’t get the pleasure of sleeping in Monday morning because my appointment was bright and early. The hospital was very nice, and the decor and uniforms made me feel like I was stepping back in time. It was another first to see nurses in little paper hats. Once the appointment was over and baby girl was reported to be healthy, I had some time to kill. I stopped in some small stores but ultimately ended up at the biggest mall I’ve ever been to. So big that I got lost several times. The mall added to the very commercial air of Bangkok, and made me feel like I was back in the States. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for when exploring a new country, but it was interesting to walk around.

In the end, I was glad to arrive home in Hanoi with familiar sites, sounds, and currency. Until next time, Thailand!


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