Let’s Explore Hanoi: Botanical Garden


The weather has cooled down a bit here. The locals are bundled up in warm winter coats and scarfs while I’m still in a sundress thinking there is a nice breeze. In celebration of the mild temperatures, we visited the botanical garden in Hanoi. It’s a large park where locals come to sit by the water, exercise or just socialize. We paid 4,000 vnd to enter the park (about 20 cents).

The park has some beautiful features including a pond, a bird sanctuary island, many interesting sculptures, and a small hill in the middle.




There are also two animal cages, a monkey cage and a peacock cage. The animals looked sad to me, but maybe that’s because I’ve never seen a caged peacock.


There were many people enjoying the park. We saw a very loudly broadcast public exercise class, lots of bad-mitten, a big group of people playing pokemon go, and some cute puppies running around.






It’s definitely a park we’ll visit again, especially when our boxes are delivered and Oliver gets his tricycle. We saw a kids play area, too, but we just walked around the park this visit. Until next time!


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