Hong Kong Part 1


We decided to take our holiday vacation after the holidays, the first week of the new year. The three of us flew to Hong Kong for a week. We were fortunate enough to have our good friend Kristina let us stay with her while we were in town, and give us some good advice on getting around in the city. When we arrived on Monday, Kristina and her mom met us at the end of the Airport Shuttle. One of the best dim sum places, Tim Ho Wan was right there in the Hong Kong station, so we had lunch right away. It was super yummy, although I don’t personally care for the gelatin texture of some of the dishes, but that rings true in Vietnam as well.

Once we got settled in the apartment, we tried our hand at the bus system in Hong Kong, attempting to get to the Peak Tram. We went past the stop and had to get off and go back on another bus, but eventually we made it to the Tram. However, the line was super long and we didn’t have the patience to wait, so we took a cab up to the top. We expected great views of the city, and the Peak did not disappoint. What was not expected was the huge mall at the top. However, there were patios that overlooked the entire 360 view of the city, and we made sure to walk around all of them and look around. We had dinner at Mak’s Noodles, which all three of us loved. We watched the sunset at the top and then hopped in line to take the tram back down the mountain, getting creamy gelato while we waited. The ride back down the mountain was strange and I would not recommend it, if you have already ridden the tram up.

Tuesday we found the mid-level escalators close to the apartment. Hong Kong is very hilly terrain. There are a LOT of stairs and hills. To mitigate this, there is a system of elevators that goes up or down depending on the time of day. In the morning they go down and then at 10am they all switch and move up. Most days we were able to take the stairs down to get to where we needed to go, and we used them Tuesday to get to the Man Mo Temple, which is a tribute to the God of Literature and the God of War. It was very serene, with lots of people praying and huge incense coils hanging from the ceiling. A big bonus included a park across the street where Ollie was able to run around for a bit. Our lunch was at Morty’s, a New York style deli in the heart of Hong Kong. The food was amazing, and it was something we didn’t even know we were missing in Hanoi until we ate it. Next we hopped on the MTR and rode to Kowloon, across the harbor for our food tour. Our tour was just us, so we had some special treatment, which was much appreciated with the pregnancy and Oliver in tow. We walked around for about 4 hours tasting foods in restaurants and from street vendors ranging from goose to snake soup to egg tarts. It was about twice as much food as we could eat, but it was delicious. Plus, the tour took us into some local neighborhoods that we never would have ventured into.

Wednesday we decided to take it pretty easy. After our epic day on Tuesday, we needed a little less walking and a little more napping. So we took the MTR to Lantau Island and visited the Tian Tan Buddha. We took the cable car up and down, which was a beautiful ride over the hills. The area around Big Buddha is VERY touristy, including a Starbucks and a lot of gift shops. Hubby and Oliver hiked to the top of the statue, but I passed and stayed at the bottom. After they got back we walked around a bit and enjoyed our trip back down in the cable car. The three of us were able to relax the rest of the afternoon and had delicious burgers for dinner (something we have not been able to get in Hanoi).

Check out Hong Kong Part 2 for tales of the rest of our week in Hong Kong!


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