Hong Kong Part 2


Go to Hong Kong Part 1 to read about the first half of our week in Hong Kong.

Thursday was Hong Kong Disney Land. Hubby and I were definitely more excited than Oliver, but he was pretty excited, too. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been to Disney and over 15 years since Hubby has. We started our day by riding a special Disney Land line of the MTR, which had Mickey shaped windows and fancy plush seating. Once we entered the park we rented a stroller for Oliver, which was a great break for poor Hubby who had been carrying Oliver in our hiking backpack all week. We got sucked into the gift shop right away and bought some souvenirs, including some cute Mickey and Minnie ears for Oliver and I.

We were fortunate to have a less crowded day, and didn’t have much of a wait in any of the lines, except to get our picture with Mickey and Minnie. The three of us were probably slower than your average family, stopping for breaks and letting mama sit down and rest her cankles for a bit. But we were able to cover about half the park, and Hubby was able to go on some of the adult rides like Hyperspace Mountain. We took Oliver on any ride we could, including the Mystic Manor (similar to the Haunted Mansion). But the most exciting part for Oliver was Toy Story Land. We were able to let him loose to look at the giant Buzz Lightyear and larger-than-life toys all around. However, he did not enjoy meeting Buzz or any of the other characters, but we have some funny pictures to show for it. It was an excellent day and we had a magical time.

On Friday we were exhausted. The beginning of the week we really went full force and it hit us on Friday. We took it easy, sleeping in and walking around the neighborhood at a leisurely pace. Hubby wanted to stop at the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum, which wasn’t far from the apartment, so we spent about an hour there walking around. Naps were in order, and we all took advantage of our lazy day.

Saturday was great because we had Kristina to show us around a bit. It was much easier and faster getting around with her guidance. Navigating Hong Kong can be difficult, but once you realize there are signs everywhere, it becomes easier to get to your destination. We walked around the city looking at some colonial buildings, including St. John’s Cathedral where we saw a wedding in progress. There is a lot of street art in Hong Kong, some made by different street artists and others created by schools or businesses. But walking around was never dull. We ended the day with the Star Ferry Light Show, starting in Kowloon and sailing into Victoria Harbor. Maybe we missed something, but it was a pretty expensive ferry ticket for a 15 minute light show. We decided to get off at the TST port and head back.

Sunday was our last day, and really a half day since we flew out that afternoon. Kristina took us to a great brunch place called Oldies. They had a yummy breakfast with hashrowns which is another food I didn’t know I was missing living in Hanoi. And we had to stop by and get an egg waffle gelato before we left for the airport.

We left Hong Kong exhausted but with lots of experiences we will never forget. It’s an expensive city, but I highly recommend a trip at least once in your life. It’s a unique and special place that you won’t regret visiting.


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