Back in Hanoi


We arrived back home to Hanoi about two weeks ago after three months in the States, and we’re finally recovered from jet lag. It took the kids a little longer to adjust, but everyone seems to be back on schedule. We’re lucky to have two great sleepers, so now that they’re back on track we are feeling more human.

Our first weekend was a blur of long naps and eating at odd hours. But last weekend we went on a day trip to Thanh Chuong Viet Palace outside the city. The location was Thanh Chuong’s residence, a writer and artist. The site contains multiple buildings that house art and pottery that is centuries old. It was a great place to spend the day. Oliver was able to run around and climb with our watchful eyes on him so he didn’t fall into one of the many ponds. Ada liked sleeping in our Ergo carrier although she did get a little sweaty.

It’s warm here now, very humid most days. Walking around town is interesting with two babies, but we make it work. I haven’t figured out how to take both babies out alone yet since the streets are too dangerous for Oliver to walk on his own for long. Our home had a big balcony on the top floor that serves as a good play area for us when it’s nice outside. We can’t wait for the new pool in our apartment complex to be finished!


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