Ada Rose – 2 months old


Eats: Milk, milk, milk!

Sleeps: Through the night! She has been sleeping 9-10 stretches at night which means mommy and daddy feel human again! Ada is not much for napping during the day, like her brother, but she is a champion sleeper at night.

Favorite activity: Talking to mommy, daddy and brother. She loves to be able to see someone so she feels like part of the action. She also insists on being bounced 99% of the day.

Least favorite activity: When she can’t see anyone or feels left out. And sometimes she hates it when daddy kisses her, it makes her angry for some reason.

Words: Lots of coos and smiles! We love listening to her laugh and watching her beautiful smile.

Starting to: Hold her head up for longer periods of time. She really wants to be a part of things!



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