Da Nang and Hoi An with 2 under 2


We spent our memorial weekend on vacation, our first vacation with two kids under two. From Hanoi we flew to Da Nang and stayed for 3 nights. We left Friday after hubby got off work and arrived at our resort around 9pm and crashed.

Saturday was relaxing. The resort had a great breakfast buffet with food that Oliver liked (a big win). After breakfast we found a great kids area with lots for Oliver to do while we got settled. The thing about having small children on vacation is it’s nice to keep it low key sometimes. Hubby and I tend to go, go, go when we’re vacationing so we can see all the sights and eat a lot of good food. But with our children at such young ages, its nice to just relax sometimes. So we stayed at the resort for most of the vacation.

After our lunch at one of the resorts restaurants, we took the kids back for naps and we all slept. I went to the beach for a bit while everyone napped and eventually went back to the room to sleep. Is there anything better than a nap listening to the waves crash on the beach?

For dinner we decided to go off site into Da Nang. We were going to try this burger place I’d heard about called Burger Bro’s but when we got there they were out of beef and chicken, so we said no thank you. But we ended up at Taco Ngon, a beloved spot by travelers. I would not have bet on eating a good taco this far away from South America, but they were delicious and I can’t wait to go back.

On Sunday we were rested and wanted to get out, so we took the shuttle form our resort to Hoi An. It was about a half hour ride from door to door. The second we stepped off the shuttle we started sweating, so a stop for lime juice was in order. The roadside stand we stopped at made some good lime juice but it was super dangerous for children, which is something you don’t notice until you’re a parent traveling with young children in a country without great medical care. Oliver was sitting super close to a rusty fence and grabbed a stick of burning incense before we got out of there.

There are many tailors in Hoi An and if you ever visit you should go on your first day and get some clothing custom tailored so it’s ready before you leave. There are shops who do excellent work. You can have suits, shirts, dresses, coats, or anything you want tailored. Just remember to bargain, even if it’s already a good price. We didn’t get anything tailored this trip, but next time we go we will have some tailoring done.

We saw a lot of westerners vacationing in Hoi An, which means prices are going to be more expensive than other parts of Vietnam. But more westerners didn’t stop Oliver from getting a lot of attention like usual. He is probably on more people’s Instagram and Facebook pages than we can count.

Once we returned to the resort, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach and pool enjoying the water and relaxing. We wore the kids out so much that they both passed out before 7pm, yay!

Our flight wasn’t until Monday evening, so we paid for a late checkout and hung around the resort until we left for the airport. It was great to be able to go to the beach and pool one more time before we had to leave. Our vacation to Da Nang and Hoi An was wonderful and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Next time we go we will see more sights and get out around town a bit more, but there is nothing like a weekend where you just lay on the beach!


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