Our home in Hanoi

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding our home here in Hanoi. I’m sure what everyone really wants to know is what is different here than in the States. Most of our home is pretty typical, and that’s due in large part to the State Department trying their best to give everyone a home they’re comfortable in and as close to a house in the States as possible.


There are a few things that are different in our home. One is the outlets. We have standard Vietnamese outlets (220v) that we can use for our local appliances, but we have converter boxes for our American appliances (120v). We also purchased some outlet converters for smaller appliances like my hair straightener or our baby monitor.


Another difference is the toilet. It’s a typical toilet but like all toilets in Vietnam, it comes with a sprayer on the side. Hubby and I have different opinions about what this is for. I think it’s a sort of bidet but he thinks its just for ease of cleaning the toilet. We’re too afraid to ask, but it does come in handy.


The tap water here is not safe for us to drink, so we have a big water dispenser and water bottles for when we go out. We still use the tap water for washing fruits and vegetables and washing our hands.

Air pollution here in Hanoi is very high. To combat the humidity and air pollution, we have dehumidifiers and air purifiers running all the time. The dehumidifiers pull out so much water, we empty it at least once a day, sometimes more.


Most of the embassy homes do not have dishwashers, but we are blessed to have one in our kitchen. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but I’m not going to question it! However, no one has a garbage disposal.

Everything else in our home is westernized, including our full size washer and dryer. Our hot water is a little interesting, but works most of the time. We even have more closet space than I was expecting and room for our bikes and stroller that we never use. (Shoes organized by Oliver – he’ll work for goldfish).


We also have a nice big guest room with a beautiful view of the city *hint hint*. Our home is wonderful and our family has settled in nicely. Come visit and see for yourself!


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