A walk in Hanoi

One thing hubby and I loved about living in Northern Virginia was the beautiful walking paths. We could walk out our front door and onto a nice wooded path around our neighborhood. Sophie loved it. Oliver loved it. Hanoi is not the same. We do a lot of walking, but we’re mostly trying not to trip over broken sidewalk  concrete or get run over by motorbikes.


Sunday we found a nice path from our house to “pretty street”. This street, Phan Dinh Phung has a nice wide sidewalk and beautiful trees, perfect for a walk with kids. Oliver loved riding on his tricycle and Ada enjoyed her view from the ergo carrier.


Hanoi is home to some beautiful architecture. The French colonial buildings and old city gates give the city an old feel, but the buildings are not well maintained making many of them unsafe.


After looking around this parish church, we grabbed some lime juice to cool down and replenish our fluids. Oliver found a stick so he would agree we had a great walk. We took a cab back to our house, so I would agree with Oliver.


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