Silk Village on the 4th of July

Sometimes when the U.S. has federal holidays and hubby is off work, we leave the kids with our wonderful nanny and spend the day together just the two of us. On July 4th this year we took the opportunity to explore Hanoi on our motor bike.




We drove about 30 minutes to Silk Village (Làng Vạn Phúc), one of the craft villages around the city. It was a pretty little area with some pretty fish ponds and bridges all around the village. The shops were quiet because it was a weekday morning, but I’m sure it’s hopping on the weekends.


We found a room filled with silk looms weaving beautiful patterns. The shops sold everything from silk robes, to silk pillowcases, and silk embroidered slippers. We bought a few things including an áo dài, a traditional Vietnamese long dress that will fit Ada when she is a little older. I wanted to get some clothes for myself but I was not willing to try on silk in 110° weather, so we will go back in the winter when I’m not quite as sweaty.


Before we left the village, hubby took the chance to teach me how to ride our motor bike. I had driven a Vespa before and fell in love (thanks Beth and James!) so it wasn’t completely new to me. Our Air Blade has more power to it, but the concept is the same. I think I did well, but I wasn’t ready to drive it on the road yet, let alone drive it with tall hubby on the back. Next time we ride around, I’ll give it a shot.


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