Ada Rose – 4 Months


Eats: Milk, milk, milk!

Sleeps: We’ve been going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. Luckily, she has been sleeping through the nights for the most part, but her naps are short and sweet.

Favorite activity: We set up the activity bouncer seat and she is in love. Oliver likes to help her play with the toys which is only sometimes fun for her. She also loves watch everyone work around the house and when she watches laundry being folded it puts her to sleep.

Least favorite activity: Laying down. Ada likes to be able to check everything out so she will only tolerate laying down to sleep or to play on her activity mat.

Words: She is babbling a lot and repeating sounds when she isn’t chewing on everything.

Starting to: Hold herself up higher and higher. She looks like she’s about to start rolling but she’s in no hurry.


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