Ada Rose – 6 months


Eats: Formula! Mamma is done breastfeeding. *whew* we made it to six months!

Sleeps: Peacefully at night again. We’re trying to get her to a big afternoon nap instead of small naps throughout the day. The goal is to get both of them sleeping at the same time in the afternoon but I’m sure as soon as that happens Oliver won’t want to nap anymore…

Favorite activity: Chewing on everything! She wants to drool and chew on everything in sight. If she has a toy that’s not good for chewing, she doesn’t want it.

Least favorite activity: Being alone. Anytime I leave her playing by herself she cries and cries until I come back.

Words: Lots of baby talk and imitation. She loves listening to our wonderful nanny, Phuong, sing to her and talk to her.

Starting to: Scoot and move around. I wouldn’t call it crawling but she is moving around quite a bit. She’s also sitting on her own for short periods of time, usually until she sees a toy she wants and dives for it. Oh, and she’s holding her own bottle!



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