New Zealand Adventure: Wanaka, Te Anau, and Queenstown

If you missed it, we just got back from a great holiday in New Zealand. We started off in the North Island spending time in Auckland and Hobbiton, flew down to the South Island and did some hiking. Read about it here!

We did some driving and landed in Mount Aspiring National Park near Wanaka. We did a couple of short hikes with the kids. It was raining pretty hard the days before we arrived, so the roads were getting flooded. We made it over several fords in the minivan before we came across one that we didn’t want to risk, so we chose to do a walk we could actually get to, and it turned out to be beautiful.

IMG_8203IMG_8218IMG_8243IMG_8244 (2)IMG_8250

All of our accommodations on the trip were great, but our favorite AirBnB was in Te Anau. It was a wonderful little home with a hot tub under the stars and a beautiful mountain view. They had a few alpacas and sheep as well as chickens right in our backyard. Oliver had a great time feeding the sheep, and by feeding I mean throwing hay through the fence.

IMG_8274IMG_8285IMG_8310 (2)

We ended our trip in Queenstown at a beautiful hotel overlooking the lake and mountains. It was nice to be back in civilization and do a little souvenir shopping. And Oliver kissed a singing dog, so that was the highlight of his trip. We loved our trip to New Zealand and hope to visit again some day.

IMG_8311IMG_8327 (2)IMG_8330IMG_8335


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