Ada Rose – 7 Months


Eats: Formula and solid foods now. Favorites are green beans, carrots, and potatoes. Least favorite: broccoli and cucumber.

Sleeps: Solidly through the night, waking up between 6-7 on most mornings. She takes one or two naps during the day which mama likes a lot.

Favorite activity: Bouncing. She likes to bounce on daddy’s knee, while being held, and in her seat. If she could bounce instead of crawl she’d be going places by now.

Least favorite activity: Being hungry. Miss Ada doesn’t have many complaints but when she’s hungry, everyone knows it.

Words: She is making funny noises with her mouth, including baby screaming to imitate her big brother. That’s fun…

Starting to: Sit up for short periods of time until she sees something she wants and falls over to grab it. She’s also soooooo close to crawling she can taste it and is very upset that she still can’t go anywhere.




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