Visiting a Tailor in Hoi An

IMG_8908 title

When we were vacationing in Da Nang we wanted to get some clothing made by the world famous Hoi An tailors. There are many, many tailors to choose from. We had done some research and had a few places in mind when we were walking around, but ended up at a shop we walked into off Tran Phu street called Maya Design. We started looking around and liked their fabric choices and designs, so we went for it.

Hubby wanted a suit made, so he picked a nice grey fabric and a pink lining. I have an entire pinterest board filled with clothing I’d love in my dream closet, so it took me a while to narrow it down. I ended up having three shirts made from pictures I showed them. The women were very friendly and helped me choose the right fabrics for all the shirts. They also discussed certain details like length, fit, sleeve length and buttons, so we made sure we were all on the same page as far as what I wanted.

The ladies told us it was a 48 hour turn around for everything. We came back into Hoi An the next day to try on our pieces and make adjustments to the fit. I was able to make the sleeves smaller on one shirt and take them in a little bit at the waist. When we went to pick them up they were perfect. Hubbys suit was very well fitted, which isn’t easy due to his height and freakishly long arms. My shirts fit very well and were what I had envisioned.

They weren’t super expensive, but we were definitely paying for custom made clothing. We were able to haggle a bit with the price and we ended up paying 5,000,000 vnd ($220) for a suit and three tops. I’m sure there are cheaper tailors in Hoi An willing to make clothing but I’m not sure what the quality is like. We like our new threads and would recommend getting something made while in Hoi An if you have the time!


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