Ada Rose – 10 months


Eats: she’s into pumpkin, banana and oatmeal. But she will eat almost anything, including zucchini, spinach and green beans.

Sleeps: All night and one nap most days. She is going to sleep pretty early because she is so tired from all her crawling and exploring.

Favorite activity: Still standing and trying to walk. She also loves daddy’s silly faces and getting tickled.

Least favorite activity: When she falls from trying to stand using a chair or something that isn’t stable. Nothing makes her more frustrated than falling when she wants to climb everything.

Words: Ada is saying “dada” and lots of other noises. She loves doing a kissy noise with her lips.

Starting to: Point at everything. She’s so curious about everything in the house and outside, so she is constantly pointing.

I can’t believe she’s in the double digits already. Her first birthday will be here before we know it.



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