6 days in Sydney

We made a last-minute decision to fly to Sydney this past week. Our tour here in Vietnam is quickly coming to an end and we have no idea when we’ll be back in this part of the world again. The best part about the flight is it was direct, no layovers. While a 9.5 hour flight doesn’t sound like the most fun way to spend time, it is much preferred to a longer day with layovers and down time in airports.

Since we had a short visit, we kept to the beach and Sydney harbor area. We stayed right on Bondi beach, which was beautiful and a great place to stay. We strolled along the boardwalk, did some people watching and checked out the beach scene. Oliver liked watching the kids doing tricks at the skate park, insisting on getting a skateboard so he could try. Luckily, we were able to distract him with some ice cream.


The beach was clean and had nice soft sand, which Ada proceeded to eat. Oliver was nervous that the “big ocean” was going to get him, so it took some convincing to get him in the water. But we all enjoyed our days relaxing on the beach. We also took advantage of all the western food, including some great burgers at The Bucket List on the boardwalk.


One thing I had to do while we were in Sydney was take a tour of the Opera House. Of course, it’s a very recognizable building, but the interior was also beautiful although not designed by the same architect. The kids were great and held it together for the hour tour, just in time for lunch afterward and then stroller naps. That evening we took a ferry across the bay to Manly which gave us beautiful views of the harbor, the bridge and the opera house at night.


We took the kids to the aquarium where we saw sting rays, sharks, octopus, jelly fish and lots of other sea animals. Oliver was a little nervous to go into the underwater tunnels, but he liked looking at the aquarium through the picture windows. They also had a cool penguin boat ride that floats around the penguin habitats so you can see them swimming and walking around. We also found the coolest playground near Darling Harbour that Oliver just loved. It had lots to climb on, slide on, and swing on.


Our last night in Sydney was spent walking on one of the coastal pathways from Bondi beach to Bronte beach. We didn’t make it all the way to the end, but we had a nice stroll along the beautiful path. Hopefully the fresh air and sunshine will stick with us long after we’re gone.



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