3 days in Siem Reap

Don’t forget to read about the first half of our trip in Phnom Penh.

After a long day on the bus, we finally arrived in Siem Reap. We loaded up two tuk-tuks with our luggage and enjoyed the breeze on the ride to our hotel. Our little travelers were exhausted and held it together long enough to eat room service and then they crashed.

The next day was our big Angkor Wat adventure. We rented a tuk-tuk, driver and English-speaking guide for the day. The temple compound is huge-its the largest religious complex in the world-stretching 402 acres. We left at 8am to get tickets and made it to the temple by 9:30am. Our driver and guide were great, taking us to the temples we wanted to go to and providing us with lots of water on a hot day. There are lots of tuk-tuks for hire around the temple grounds, but I would recommend paying someone to drive you around. It’s a huge complex and it would have been hard to navigate without our driver and guide.

We went to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prom, and Bayon. All the sites were beautiful and very crowded. There were carvings of Buddha and Hindu gods, as well as places where Buddha’s image had been chipped away when the Kings of Angkor switched faiths to Hinduism. Temples had crumbling steps and trees growing with them, making them feel truly ancient.  Oliver was exploring with us, looking at the carvings and climbing on the artifacts when we weren’t looking and Ada slept some and enjoyed watching everything from her carrier.

We toured around until 3:30pm when we called it a day. Everyone was exhausted, but it was still early so we ate some ice cream at Glasshouse at Park Hyatt and strolled around the Night Market until we couldn’t hold any more souvenirs in our stroller and both the kids had fallen asleep.


Much like Phnom Penh, our second day was mostly relaxing and shopping at boutiques we had mapped out. We drank coffee at Little Red Fox Espresso before walking around the neighborhood looking in all the stores. Our morning ended with yummy cupcakes at Bloom Café, which gives vocational training to Cambodian women. After and refreshing swim and nap, we left the hotel for dinner at Marum, another TREE restaurant. Dinner was really good, and Oliver was so tired he slept through the whole meal. We walked over to Glasshouse for more ice cream (it was good!) and then back to the Night Market for people watching and shopping.


Our last day was nice because we didn’t fly out until the evening, giving us a relaxing morning of breakfast and packing. We had enough time to walk around the city a bit, visiting a local wat and eating lunch at Raffles hotel. With time to swim before heading the airport, it was the perfect end to our Cambodian adventure. We definitely want to go back if we can, and see more of everything. 6 days is not enough.



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