Ada Rose – 11 Months


Eats: if I let her eat beans all day long she would! But then I’d have to order a lot more diapers…

Sleeps: All night until around 7am and and then one nap in the afternoons.

Favorite activity: Using her walker to walk around the house. She gets frustrated when the walker gets stuck because she can’t move it yet.

Least favorite activity: Riding in the car in the Ergo carrier. Ada doesn’t like to be tied down!

Words: Her first official word, as agreed upon by her parents, is “uh-oh”. She says it all the time when she drops something or wants something. It’s the cutest…

Starting to: Talk more and more in her baby language. She reads a book and talks to herself just like Oliver does. She also waves goodbye!



Ada Rose – 10 months


Eats: she’s into pumpkin, banana and oatmeal. But she will eat almost anything, including zucchini, spinach and green beans.

Sleeps: All night and one nap most days. She is going to sleep pretty early because she is so tired from all her crawling and exploring.

Favorite activity: Still standing and trying to walk. She also loves daddy’s silly faces and getting tickled.

Least favorite activity: When she falls from trying to stand using a chair or something that isn’t stable. Nothing makes her more frustrated than falling when she wants to climb everything.

Words: Ada is saying “dada” and lots of other noises. She loves doing a kissy noise with her lips.

Starting to: Point at everything. She’s so curious about everything in the house and outside, so she is constantly pointing.

I can’t believe she’s in the double digits already. Her first birthday will be here before we know it.


Ada Rose – 8 months


Eats: Everything in sight. She loves pumpkin and corn.

Sleeps: All night long, although she is a early riser, which mama doesn’t love.

Favorite activity: Crawling everywhere and putting everything in her mouth. She loves to crawl to her brother and grab things out of his hand. He loves that too…

Least favorite activity: Watching anyone walk away from her. I have to walk backwards so she won’t get upset…

Words: Ada is starting to do a fake cry that is both pathetic and adorable.

Starting to: Do yoga. She wants to stand up but she can’t figure it out yet so she ends up doing all kinds of poses.

Ada Rose – 7 Months


Eats: Formula and solid foods now. Favorites are green beans, carrots, and potatoes. Least favorite: broccoli and cucumber.

Sleeps: Solidly through the night, waking up between 6-7 on most mornings. She takes one or two naps during the day which mama likes a lot.

Favorite activity: Bouncing. She likes to bounce on daddy’s knee, while being held, and in her seat. If she could bounce instead of crawl she’d be going places by now.

Least favorite activity: Being hungry. Miss Ada doesn’t have many complaints but when she’s hungry, everyone knows it.

Words: She is making funny noises with her mouth, including baby screaming to imitate her big brother. That’s fun…

Starting to: Sit up for short periods of time until she sees something she wants and falls over to grab it. She’s also soooooo close to crawling she can taste it and is very upset that she still can’t go anywhere.



Ada Rose – 5 months


Eats: Milk, milk, milk!

Sleeps: Our sweet girl has been waking up multiple times in the middle of the night, causing mama to feel barely functional. She’s getting over a nasty cold, so hopefully the end is in sight!

Favorite activity: Watching Oliver play. She laughs and laughs every time he is around and she can’t wait to see what he will do next. Ada also loves to talk to everyone!

Least favorite activity: Sitting still! Ada wants to be on the move already. She wants to be in someones arms walking around, and will only tolerate being stationary for short periods of time.

Words: Still no words but she is listening to everything. She loves listening to her big brother talk and talk.

Starting to: Roll over. Ada loves to roll onto her tummy which is one reason she is up at night. She forgets that she can roll to her back and gets frustrated. She also wants to crawl and doesn’t understand why she isn’t moving yet!

Happy Birthday Oliver!


We celebrated Oliver’s 2nd birthday this past weekend with a pool party. Oliver had over 45 guests come to help him celebrate his birthday. He loved having all his friends around to swim with and play with on the playground.


It was difficult not having Costco to shop for the party. Usually I just go pick up some food and paper plates and we’re ready to party. Instead I went to “party supply street”, where they have side by side stores selling cards, paper products, decorations, and balloons. However, Sesame Street decorations were nowhere to be found. I made do with some homemade decorations and balloons. Really, what else does a party need other than balloons and cake?


The party was a wonderful chance for us to spend time with our friends and eat some good food. Ada enjoyed the party as she was passed around from mom to mom getting lots of snuggles. We can’t wait to do it again!


Ada Rose – 4 Months


Eats: Milk, milk, milk!

Sleeps: We’ve been going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. Luckily, she has been sleeping through the nights for the most part, but her naps are short and sweet.

Favorite activity: We set up the activity bouncer seat and she is in love. Oliver likes to help her play with the toys which is only sometimes fun for her. She also loves watch everyone work around the house and when she watches laundry being folded it puts her to sleep.

Least favorite activity: Laying down. Ada likes to be able to check everything out so she will only tolerate laying down to sleep or to play on her activity mat.

Words: She is babbling a lot and repeating sounds when she isn’t chewing on everything.

Starting to: Hold herself up higher and higher. She looks like she’s about to start rolling but she’s in no hurry.

Ada Rose – 3 Months


Eats: Milk, milk, milk!

Sleeps: Still sleeping like a champ at night, and she moved to her own room. She naps well during the day, but also likes to nap in the Ergo carrier when we go out.

Favorite activity: She loves playing on her activity mat and watching her big brother. She also likes slow dancing with her daddy.

Least favorite activity: When her brother comes too close and scares her with his dinosaur roar, or when anything scares her. Unfortunately, she scares easily.

Words: She repeats sounds that we make and enjoys listening to us read to her.

Starting to: Scoot herself with her strong little legs and chew on anything she can get her hands on. She’s also sprouting some cute strawberry-blonde hair on her little round head.

Ada Rose – 2 months old


Eats: Milk, milk, milk!

Sleeps: Through the night! She has been sleeping 9-10 stretches at night which means mommy and daddy feel human again! Ada is not much for napping during the day, like her brother, but she is a champion sleeper at night.

Favorite activity: Talking to mommy, daddy and brother. She loves to be able to see someone so she feels like part of the action. She also insists on being bounced 99% of the day.

Least favorite activity: When she can’t see anyone or feels left out. And sometimes she hates it when daddy kisses her, it makes her angry for some reason.

Words: Lots of coos and smiles! We love listening to her laugh and watching her beautiful smile.

Starting to: Hold her head up for longer periods of time. She really wants to be a part of things!


Ada’s Birth Story


In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought it was time I sat down and shared Ada’s birth story.

Oliver and I flew back to the states in early February when I was about 34 weeks pregnant. I found a doctor quickly and got everything settled for her arrival. Staying with my parents and my in-laws for a month was so nice. It was a blessing to have their help with Oliver while we were getting over jet lag and getting settled in. Oliver had a great time getting to know his grandparents as a toddler instead of the baby he was when we left.

At 35 weeks I had my first ultrasound since my 20 week checkup and found out that baby girl was breech. I was hoping for a trial of labor with her since Oliver had to be delivered via C-section because he was breech, but this seemed to dash that hope. Baby girl had plans of her own. Every week after that she would flip again. The next week she was head down and by the 38th week when she was breech again we scheduled the C-section for 39 weeks.

Hubby arrived in the states a couple weeks before her due date, which was great since she her birth was scheduled for less than two weeks after his arrival. Once the jet lag had worn off, it was go time. We arranged for the grandparents to watch Ollie while we were in the hospital and off we went.

We arrived at the triage unit and got settled in, ready to meet baby girl, when they told us she wasn’t breech anymore. That was a shock because its very uncommon for a baby to flip so late in the pregnancy, they typically don’t have the room. But our girl was extra difficult. We had a choice, we could go through with the C-section as planned or we could go home and wait and see if she arrived on her own. It took us a couple of hours to decide what to do. On the one hand, I had accepted the repeat C-section and was ready, on the other I didn’t want to jump the gun if I was going to go into labor that night. We ultimately made the tough decision to go home and see what happened in the next couple of days.

After three days, and no progress, we went back to the hospital and prepared to meet our girl. Hubby had picked a name and I wanted him to tell me in the OR after she was born, but after the emotional week before her birth I couldn’t wait any longer and he couldn’t hold it in. He told me while they were prepping me for surgery that her name was Ada Rose.  

I walked in the OR while hubby waited outside for me to be ready. It helped that I had experienced a C-section before, I wasn’t quite as nervous this time or shocked at how cold it was. I was doing ok until the spinal kicked in and hubby wasn’t in the room. Just like last time, it felt like a long time until he was allowed in. I had already started crying by the time he arrived and I’ve never been more relieved to have him by my side. He kissed me and held my hand and wiped the tears off my cheeks. And all at once, our lives changed forever and our baby girl was born. While she was getting cleaned up, hubby went over and watched. He brought her over to me and I fell in love with our sweet girl.

It’s been two months now but it feels like yesterday. Big brother is adjusting to having a sibling, but for the most part just wants to give her kisses and hugs. We love being a family of four and can’t wait to continue our Vietnam adventure with both kids.